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Thank you for visiting my website! The main part of this website is been put together in German, since I am mainly working as a musician, teacher or producer at my SLP studio in Germany.

You can have a look into to my vita, my releases, or see some of the projects that I have done. You may also visit my spotlight articles where I am talking about many things apart from focusing on playing drums – however this is is only in German. I spend some time to go into detail in regards to equipment because there you can also a specific information why I chose to play exactly these drums, cymbals, sticks and alike. My main focus however is my studio work at my home base recording studio. You will find some information of what this is all about at Sound Lab Production.  Last not least, I am doing my classes and teaching units at Drummers Institute – check our drum lessons. If there´s any question, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Check out our new documentation of room optimizing my studio!

Jan Rohlfing Sound Optimierung Home Recording Studio

So have fun with this site and enjoy the music!

Thank you,