Music Downloads

On this part of my web site you will find various downloads of recordings and productions that we have done in my home studio. I will give some advice and commentary for each track and I am looking foreword for some „feedback“.

As a sort of a service, there are downloads for free of some songs, playbacks or loops – but you will also find some songs that I will sent you on pre-payment as a mp3 file. However there a little listening example.

This part of the web site will be expanded refreshed on a regular base, since it will always be sort of a working process. If you like, check out this part on a regular base to get an update.

So, have fun and hopefully enjoy the music!

Soul & Funk from the Bass & Drum Class

I have been runing the „Bass & Drum“ class at Drummers Institute for many years together with my friend and great bass player Peter Deinum. We are working „hands on“ on some of the most important songs and grooves of the great soul & funk music!

I have worked on some of the songs, re-arranged them and added some playbacks to play along without drums. You will find the bass and drum grooves written out on the „sheet“-section of this web site.

So far I have some instrumentials for you (Chameleon, Four String Drive, Palm Grease and Cissy Strut). Later on there will be some James Brown and Tower of Power songs.

1. Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)

Jan Rohlfing (drums, keyboards, shaker), Peter Deinum (bass guitar)

2. Palm Grease (Herbie Hancock, Headhunters)

Jan Rohlfing (drums, keyboards, congas, timbales, hand percussion), Peter Deinum (bass), Kim Jovi (Flute, Alto Sax)

3. Four String Drive (Mike Clark)

Jan Rohlfing (drums, keyboards, bohran), Peter Deinum (bass), Kim Jovi (Flute, Soprano Sax)

4. Cissy Strut (The Meters)

Jan Rohlfing (drums,organ, tambourine), Peter Deinum (bass), Mirko van Stiphaut (guitar)

Cold Sweat (James Brown) – folgt

Sex Machine (James Brown) – folgt

(Sounds like) Mother Popcorn (James Brown) – folgt

Talking loud and saying nothing (James Brown) – folgt

Soul Vaccination (Tower of Power) – folgt

What is Hip (Tower of Power) – folgt

Oakland Stroke (Tower of Power) -folgt

Jans Web Opener

Jan Rohlfing (2013, comp., arr., drums, keyboards, congas, programming), Peter Deinum (bass), Eva-Susanne Rohlfing (Cello)

Rock Tracks
For my friend and colleague Peter Bursch I have recorded two simple Rock Grooves for one of his guitar method books. Feel free to use these tracks to play a along as a beginners Rock Groove!

Medium Rock Track to play along (Jan Rohlfing)

Slow Rock Track to play along (Jan Rohlfing)

all tracks are being played, produced and performed by Jan at SLP


Billy Cobham was one of my main influences as a young drummer. I still have some of his songs in my mind such as „Red Baron“ or his work with Georg Duke! So it is a real honor for me, that Billy Cobham has given me his approval to write an arrangement of Stratus that  he composed in 1973. Next to strings, I couldn´t hold back to put a little drum & bass part in there! By the way: you will hear my wife playing Cello and Peter Deinum on Bass! I hope you like it! Enjoy listening!

Audio MP3

(comp.B.Cobham 1973, arr.J.Rohlfing 2012) – listening example

Buying request of Stratus as mp3 download by e-mail