Drum Lessons

Drummers Institute was founded in 1988  by Jan. In January 2015 D.I. moved to Krefeld. Since than, Jan in supervising the study programs and of course still teaching classes and private lessons.

His main topics are:

  • Afro-Cuban Drumming (based on his studies and close relation with Frank Malabe)
  • Brazilian Drumming (based on Antonio Adolfo and Duduka da Fonseca)
  • Big Band (influenced by his studies studies with Steve Houghton)
  • Carrebean Drumming (Merengue, Socca, Plena, Reggae, Ska, Bomba und more)
  • New Orleans (based on Chris Lacinak and H. Riley/J.Vadacovic)
  • Chart Reading & Musical (based on Jans playing experience at theater-, musical- und pop-production)
  • Odd Time (indian systems as by Ralph Humphrey and Pete Lockett)
  • Bass & Drums “Soul & Funk” (James Brown & others)
  • Listening Analyses (history of Jazz from Baby Dotts bis Jack DeJohnette and more)
  • Open Class (flow effect, business, philisophical and overviewing thoughts, tutorials about todays music szene and where to find your own place, help and support) and more

Jans focus is also on:

  • Timing, Grooves (for example with David Garibaldis methods),
  • Concepts & Methods (Gary Chaffee),
  • Hand- & Foodtechnique (B.Rich, Alan Dawson, etc.)
  • Jazz (Introduction, sound, balance, repertoire, interpretation, etc.)

Jan can only accept a few students for private lessons that you can take on request at Drummers Institute or at his home base studio. Tobics as mentioned above or individual tutoring.



Joe Porcaro about Jan



For many years Jan has been giving workshops, drum clinics and band-coaching seminars for example between 2001and 2018 for the Duisburger “EURO ROCK” (with Miki Meuser, Peter Bursch, and many more), for the Bonner “Toys2Masters” band contest or in Perm (Russia) at Perm Rock Line Lab.

Big Band Online
Because of the Corona-Virus restrictions in 2020 Jan produced a serious of video tutorials for his Big Band drumming class. Check Out on youtube:
Jan Rohlfing Highway 1-9-0 by Walter Grassmann


It is no problem to take private lessons with Jan in english.



Poster Perm Rock Line Lap 2014
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