Sheets for downloading

On this part you will find a selection of sheet music that Jan wrote. There are charts that you can download for free and there will be music to download for payment to do beforehand. Therefor simply contact Jan and he will send you the music on demand.


A.1 Jans Web Opener (drums & bass)
For an start: this is the drum chart of the opening song of this web site! You will as well see the bass part; you could use it as a rhythmic exercise if you like.
You will find the mp3 on the music download part – I added a version with no drums!
Have fun and watch the kicks!

















A.2 Soul und Funk Grooves

For many years my friend and great Bass player Peter Deinem an I have been teaching a Bass & Drum Workshop at Drummers Institute. This particular class is dealing with Soul and Funk music. We are analysing and playing the grooves of the great James Brown, King Curtis, Aritha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power up to Me Shell Ndegeocello. It´s a lot of fun but apart from the fun-factor, as a drummers, you have to know songs like Sex Machine, Cold Sweat, Memphis Soul Stew, Cissy Strut, What is Hip and alike. Even though these songs are from the 70tees, they are still hip and used a lot in Drum ´n Bass, Gospel or even in what they call „Chill Out“- Music.

Following are some basic grooves – independent from the musical form. A big subject you will run into nowadays is timing! Yes: you are allowed to speed up! Soul Vaccination from TOP speeds up from around 102bpm up to 112! Not to talk about some of the early Hebie Hancon Headhunters. So that´s not only o.k., it´s part of the game. However pay attention to the details and find a good balance – these transcriptions are only a momentum – those guys improvised and didn´t stick to one groove all the time (with a few exceptions).

Right now, I am working on sound files that you can listen to and use to pay along.




















These sheets have a bigger format (1200px) so that you can print it out in a good quality. So be patient if your computer might take a while to open them up.



Here you will find two charts of  What is Hip und Soul Vaccination– both from Tower of Power with Rocco Prestia on bass and David Garibaldi on Drums. Rocco with his muted 16th bass lines and Garibaldi are such a great team, especially when you consider, that Rocco was only 22 and David Garibaldi 27 years old when he played this stuff! Within the following weeks, I am working on theses two songs for you to download. You can play along with or without drums.




















B.1 Stratus (Cello)
This is an arrangement for Cello of the great song „Stratus“ written by Billy Cobham – one of my all-time-favourites! Guess what: since my wife is a great cello player – she plays on this track -, I wrote an arrangement, which however is not too far away from the vibes of the 70´s. As you might know, Jerry Goodman played violine on John McLaughlin Mahavishnu Orchestra with B.Cobham on drums. Strings gives the whole thing a certain touch that I like! Yo will find a listening example of the track on my download part for music! Feel free to contact me.